Convent de la Tourette - Le Corbusier - interior facade
2006 to 2013
Association des amis de la Tourette
5 000 000 € HT
5 000 m²

RL&A Architectes

Religious building

Convent de la Tourette - Le Corbusier - Eveux (69)


Built between 1953 and 1960 at Éveux near Lyon, the Convent de la Tourette is the last major great work built in France by the architect Le Corbusier. A statement of the architect’s maturity, its forcefulness, richness and complexity are such that in 1986, French architects chose it as the second most important contemporary architectural work in the country after the Centre Pompidou designed by Piano and Rogers in Paris.
In 2002, preliminary studies for the general restoration and refurbishment of the Convent were carried out  in order to restore the buildings to a homogeneous and coherent appearance enhanced with contemporary building codes.

/ UNESCO World Heritage (The architectural work of Le Corbusier)
/ Listed as a National Landmark

Convent de la Tourette
Convent de la Tourette, cloister
Convent de la Tourette
Convent de la Tourette
Convent de la Tourette
réfectoirede la Tourette, detail
Convent de la Tourette, crypt
Convent de la Tourette, church, altar
Convent de la Tourette, inside the church
Convent de la Tourette, refectory